ThinkUp and BitNami Provide Valuable Insight into Your Social Networks

BitNami and ThinkUp have partnered to create the BitNami ThinkUp Stack, providing one-click deployment of ThinkUp, an application that allows users to monitor and analyze activity across their social networks.

San Francisco, CA. August 16, 2012 - ThinkUp and BitNami have collaborated to provide one-click deployment of the social network analysis tool that CNET calls "a big deal". The new BitNami Stack for ThinkUp makes it easy to deploy ThinkUp in native, virtual and cloud environments.

ThinkUp captures posts, tweets, replies, retweets, friends, followers and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. With ThinkUp, users can store their social activity in a database that they control, making it easy to search, sort, analyze, publish and display activity from their networks. ThinkUp is the ideal social media management tool for personalities like journalists, bloggers, and celebrities who want easier ways to manage interactions and compile feedback from fans and followers. It is also a powerful tool for government agencies who want easy ways to survey constituents, analyze and share response sets as well as track and archive conversations. As tech publication ReadWriteWeb says, ThinkUp is "the social media management tool that matters most."

"We are always looking for the best and most useful applications to offer to the hundreds of thousands of users who visit BitNami every month," said BitNami founder and CTO Daniel Lopez Ridruejo. "ThinkUp is a very cool and powerful app for social media management and we are very happy to be able to offer it in the BitNami Application Library."

As with all BitNami-packaged applications, the BitNami ThinkUp Stack is available free of charge as a native installer for Linux, Windows and OS X, as an Ubuntu-based virtual appliance and as an AMI for the Amazon Cloud. In addition, BitNami has added support for ThinkUp to its BitNami Cloud Hosting platform, which provides one-click deployment and automated management of web applications in the cloud. By combining BitNami and Amazon's free tiers of service, users can run ThinkUp in the cloud free for one year with BitNami Cloud Hosting.

Anil Dash, CEO of ThinkUp added, "We're thrilled that BitNami has made such as simple but powerful way to run ThinkUp in nearly any environment, because it offers a much easier experience for our users to get started. BitNami's ThinkUp Stack ditches all of the complicated and confusing parts of running in the cloud and keeps all the powerful and innovative parts – that's the kind of smart work that we know is going to be embraced by the ThinkUp community."

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