ocPortal and BitNami Simplify Content Management in the Cloud

BitNami and ocPortal have partnered to create the BitNami ocPortal Stack to provide one-click deployment of ocPortal, a complete open source web content management system.

San Francisco, CA. August 28, 2012. - ocPortal and BitNami have joined forces to release the BitNami Stack for ocPortal, a ready-to-run package that enables users to deploy the latest release of content management system in native, virtual or cloud environments in one click.

Unlike many other popular content management systems, ocPortal contains a wide range of features right in the application itself, eliminating the need for users to extend the software via third party themes and extensions. This means that users have the option of adding features such as catalogs, galleries, calendars, quizzes, forums, paid membership sections, chat rooms, polls and more to their website without the need to add custom code or configure additional software. This makes it easier for less technical users to build powerful websites for a wide range of purposes without hiring a programmer.

"ocPortal is a great content management platform for BitNami users looking for a flexible but easy to use solution for building websites," said BitNami founder and CTO Daniel Lopez Ridruejo. "We are excited to be able to offer the recently-released v9 of ocPortal to our users, who can now deploy the software in one click on their local server or to the cloud."

As with all BitNami-packaged applications, the BitNami ocPortal Stack is available free of charge as a native installer for Linux, Windows and OS X, as an Ubuntu-based virtual appliance and as an AMI for the Amazon Cloud. In addition, BitNami has added support for ocPortal to its BitNami Cloud Hosting platform, which provides one-click deployment and automated management of web applications in the cloud. By combining BitNami and Amazon's free tiers of service, users can run ocPortal in the cloud free for one year with BitNami Cloud Hosting.

Chris Graham, CEO of ocProducts Ltd, also commented on this new release, "BitNami is the world-respected leader in VM and cloud deployment for Open Source software, so we're really pleased that ocPortal 9 is now available on the Bitnami platform. ocPortal is designed to bring you all the features you might need for an advanced website or Intranet in one simple flexible package - the BitNami stack furthers this by also minimizing your enterprise maintenance costs."

To learn more or download the BitNami ocportal Stack, visit: http://bitnami.com/stack/ocportal

To deploy ocPortal to the Amazon Cloud free of charge, sign up for a BitNami Cloud Hosting at: http://bitnami.com/cloud

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