BitNami Releases Top Open Source Apps for VMware vFabric™ Application Director™

BitNami has partnered with VMware to provide point-and-click deployment for SugarCRM, WordPress, Alfresco, Liferay, JasperServer and other top open source applications using VMware vFabric Application Director.

San Francisco, CA. December 3, 2012. - BitNami, developer of the popular BitNami Application Library, announced today that it has collaborated with VMware to integrate several top open source applications with VMware vFabric™ Application Director™, a hybrid cloud application provisioning solution. These open source applications are publicly available as application blueprints in the new VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace™.

VMware vFabric Application Director is designed to simplify the deployment of applications by providing a drag and drop interface that lets users visually build multi-tier application deployment topologies called application blueprints. These application blueprints are portable across clouds as they can be associated to multiple environment-specific deployment profiles. The newly published BitNami application components as blueprints enable users to deploy their favorite open source applications in private, public and hybrid clouds within a few mouse clicks. Users are now also able to customize application configuration properties and topologies for various environments with great ease.

"This partnership enables BitNami-packaged applications to be deployed in a multi-tier configuration for the first time," said Erica Brescia, CEO of BitNami. "With its intuitive point and click interface, VMware vFabric™ Application Director™ complements BitNami application packages, which are focused on simplifying application deployments in virtual and cloud environments."

Through this partnership, several popular open source applications and blueprints have been made freely available in the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace, including SugarCRM, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, phpBB, Alfresco, Liferay, and JasperReports Server, among others.

"VMware is providing leading open source application and commercial solutions via the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace™," said Shahar Erez, director, Application Management Products, VMware. "BitNami's application packages and relationships with open source application vendors can expand the type of cloud-ready applications available to our customers, enabling easy, secure and configurable cloud deployments of open source applications in their private, public and hybrid clouds."

To learn more about the BitNami applications and blueprints for VMware Application Director, visit:

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BitNami simplifies the process of deploying web applications natively, virtually and in the cloud. BitNami provides a growing library of the most popular open source applications, ready to be launched with the click of a button. With BitNami, solution providers and businesses of all sizes can deploy and manage business applications such as Jasperserver, SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal and many more. BitNami is developed by BitRock, a leader in cross-platform application deployment.

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