BitNami and Red Hat Bring One-Click Web App Deployment to the Amazon Cloud

BitNami and Red Hat collaborate to enable one-click deployment of popular open source applications to the Amazon cloud, powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

San Francisco, CA. February 16, 2012. – BitNami, developer of the BitNami library of easy to install web applications, and Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced today that they have collaborated to simplify the deployment of popular open source software to the Amazon Cloud as Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

The newly released AMIs combine BitNami's expertise in packaging and configuring web applications with Red Hat's enterprise-class Linux operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, making the AMIs appealing for use in both development and production environments. Using the BitNami-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs, developers and systems administrators can deploy applications such as Wordpress, MediaWiki, Drupal, SugarCRM, and Moodle to the Amazon Cloud in one click. The first batch of applications focuses on PHP applications running on the native Red Hat Enterprise Linux stack, and JBoss-powered applications will follow.

"BitNami has deep expertise in packaging open source software to make it easy to deploy," said Vijay Sarathy, Director, ISV Ecosystem Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat. "Combining the BitNami-packaged applications with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs gives users a quick and reliable way to get their favorite open source applications up and running in the cloud."

The AMIs are available at the same hourly rates as the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs, so there is no additional cost to users to use the BitNami-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs to run their favorite open source applications. As with the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs, users will have access to AWS premium support with back-end support from Red Hat and access to repository updates from Red Hat to keep their cloud servers patched and up-to-date. The BitNami-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs are available across all Amazon Cloud regions, enabling users to deploy them in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.

"Building BitNami AMIs integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides users with the ease of the BitNami deployment experience as well as the reliability and support that comes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux," said Daniel Lopez Ridruejo, CTO of BitRock, the developer of BitNami. "This combined offering benefits both BitNami and Red Hat Enterprise Linux users by making it easier to run open source apps on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud."

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