BitNami RubyStack Makes it Easy to Test Ruby on Rails 3 beta

BitNami RubyStack provides an integrated, ready to run distribution of the beta release of Ruby on Rails 3 and all of its dependencies. BitNami RubyStack is available as a native installer, a virtual appliance and an Amazon Machine Image, so it can be deployed natively, virtually or in the cloud in just a few clicks.

_San Francisco, CA. February 16, 2010 – _BitNami, the project that simplifies the process of deploying web applications natively, virtually and in the cloud, has released ready to run package of the latest Ruby on Rails 3 beta release and all of the third party software it requires, BitNami Ruby Stack. The integrated software stack makes it easy to set up a Rails 3 beta environment for testing and development purposes without interfering with other software installed on users' systems.

The latest release of BitNami RubyStack includes Ruby, RubyGems, Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, Subversion, phpMyAdmin, Git, Nginx, Sphinx and several other gems and components. It is freely available as a native installer, for deployment directly on Linux, Windows or OS X machines, as a virtual appliance, for deployment in a VMWare or VirtualBox environment, or as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for deployment to the Amazon EC2 cloud. "RubyStack provides a complete deployment environment for Ruby on Rails applications that can be installed in parallel with other setups. This new release allows developers to quickly test Rails 3 or maintain a separate, self-contained installation for testing purposes", said Daniel Lopez, BitRock CTO. A bundled uninstaller makes it easy to remove the complete Rails 3 beta environment when it is no longer needed.

BitNami RubyStack is available from:

A significant number of additions have been made to this major release of Ruby on Rails, which includes a number of ideas from the Merb framework. Rails 3 features include new Bundler functionality which makes it easier to specify and include gems with Rails applications, a new router with an emphasis on RESTful declarations, a new Active Record chainable query language, a new Action Mailer API and JavaScript helpers with drivers for Prototype and jQuery.

"I'm really looking forward to Rails 3 cleaning up Gem bundling and dependencies. It has always been a challenge when our code works on one machine and not the other only to figure out we're using different gems on each machine," said Rodney Carvalho, CEO of ScrumNinja. "This will not only eliminate those headaches, but will simplify deployment and make setting up new developer's machines much quicker."

The final Rails 3 release date has not yet been announced.

About BitNami simplifies the process of deploying web applications natively, virtually and in the cloud. Each BitNami Stack contains an application that is fully integrated with all of the software it requires to run. BitNami Stacks are available free of charge as native installers, virtual machine images and cloud templates, so they can easily be deployed in any environment. To download any of the BitNami Stacks, visit

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