GitHub:Firewall Install, Powered by BitRock

Github Firewall

Have your own GitHub installation up and running in minutes.

GitHub is a wildly popular website for social coding, with over 145,000 developers already using the site. Built on top of the Git distributed version control system, it makes it easy for distributed teams to collaborate on software development projects.

Until now, GitHub was only available as a service, which made it inaccessible to companies that will not allow their code to be hosted outside of the corporate firewall for security reasons. After seeing increasing demand for an on-site version of their product, the makers of GitHub approached BitRock to package the new version, GitHub:Firewall Install (GitHub:FI) for easy on- site installation.

BitRock developed a completely self-contained installer for GitHub:FI that enables new users to get up and running in just a few mouse clicks. The installer includes all of the software required to run GitHub:FI and automates the installation process so no manual configuration is necessary.

What is in the Installer?

GitHub:FI is a JRuby application that requires:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • JRuby

  • Solr

  • Java

  • Python

  • Perl

  • Git

  • Pygments

  • OpenSSL

  • cURL

  • zlib

  • and over 30 more!

All of the above components are packaged into an easy to use installer that will run in graphical, text and unattended modes. The installer prompts the user for a few pieces of information and then automatically installs and configures all of the software required to run GitHub:FI without interfering with software already installed on the user's system.

Github installer screens

You can watch the following video to check how easy is to install a BitRock Custom Stack.

BitRock Can Do the Same for Your Software

BitRock excels in making complex server software easy to install. Whether your software is built on PHP, Rails, Java, Perl or Python, we can deliver a complete package that enables even non-technical end users to have it up and running in minutes on Windows, Linux, OS X or Solaris. Offering a streamlined installation process will make a great first impression on new users while dramatically cutting installation-related support requests - up to 50% in many cases.

BitRock-built packages have been installed in millions of machines and are shipped by industry-leading companies such as MySQL, Ingres, SugarCRM, and many others.