BitNami and Spree Simplify E-Commerce Natively, Virtually and in Cloud

BitNami and the Spree project have partnered to provide a ready to run package for the Spree open source e-commerce platform that can be deployed in a few clicks natively, virtually, or in the cloud. The BitNami Spree Stack is freely available from

_San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2009 – _BitNami, the site that simplifies the process of deploying web applications natively, virtually and in the cloud, announced today that it has partnered with the Spree project to provide an easy to deploy package for the open source e-commerce platform.

Spree capitalizes on the dynamic nature of the Ruby programming language to provide the most flexible commerce platform available. It has been designed from the ground up to be as open and extensible as possible. Spree supports over 50 payment gateways and includes the ability to add customized logic for taxation, shipping, discounts and coupons, along with a host of other features. Because Spree is licensed under the liberal New BSD License, anyone can use it free of charge for both commercial and non commercial purposes.

"We are excited to add Spree to the long list of applications that are available on" said Daniel Liszka, a BitNami developer. "E- commerce platforms can often be inflexible and difficult to get up and running. Because it is built on top of Ruby on Rails, Spree is easy to extend and BitNami makes installation and configuration a snap."

The new BitNami Spree Stack makes deploying Spree a fast, painless process. To install the e-commerce platform on their system, users just download BitNami Spree Stack from and click through the simple installation and configuration wizard. In less than 10 minutes, they can have a completely configured Spree installation up and running on their system, free of charge.

BitNami also offers users the option of downloading a virtual machine image or deploying the BitNami Spree Stack directly to Amazon EC2. Regardless of the deployment target, users will get a completely integrated, ready to run package that includes Spree and all of its dependencies. No manual configuration is required, so users at all technical levels can deploy Spree in minutes.

"BitNami stacks are a great solution for encouraging the adoption of open source technologies. They significantly lower the barrier to entry for getting a fully functional stack up and running on a local machine" said Sean Schofield, CEO Rails Dog LLC and contributor to the Spree project. "Even though Spree is open source, people still like to "try before they buy." This will make it easier for our prospective users to take the software for a test drive as well as to show it off to other stakeholders."

In addition to Spree, offers a wide range of popular open source applications for wikis, blogs, document management, bug tracking and more. BitNami-packaged applications are available as native installers, virtual machine images and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and GoGrid Server Images (GSIs).

To download the BitNami Spree Stack or another application, visit

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