FiveRuns and BitRock Expand Partnership, Bundle BitNami RubyStack and FiveRuns TuneUp

Open Source Stack Provides Complete Ruby on Rails Environment for Installation, Development and Production

_AUSTIN, TX, November 5, 2008 – _FiveRuns, the application monitoring and systems management company for Ruby on Rails, and BitRock, the leading provider of tools and services for deploying open source applications, today announced that BitRock's BitNami RubyStack, a freely available, ready to run distribution of Ruby on Rails, will now include FiveRuns TuneUp, the free/open source application profiling tool for Ruby on Rails developers.

This announcement expands upon the current partnership between the companies by adding the FiveRuns TuneUp Ruby on Rails application-profiling tool to BitRock's BitNami RubyStack. FiveRuns Install, FiveRuns' packaging of BitRock's stack that was initially released in August 2007, will be replaced with the BitNami RubyStack from BitRock.

Initially released in 2007 and now downloaded over 33,000 times, RubyStack is a freely available, ready to run distribution of Ruby on Rails. Packaged with a very user-friendly installer, RubyStack makes it easy to have an enterprise- ready Rails environment up and running in just minutes. It allows developers to take advantage of the stability, low cost and high performance of Ruby on Rails without the hassle of integrating, configuring, and supporting their own build.

FiveRuns TuneUp, initially released in June 2008 and installed over 2400 times to date, is a free, open sourced application-profiling tool for Rails and Merb application developers. TuneUp enables developers to pinpoint performance problems in their applications and optimize them before pushing them to production. With the inclusion of FiveRuns TuneUp in the BitNami RubyStack, developers now have a complete environment for installing, developing, and profiling Ruby on Rails applications that can be optimized for performance and scale.

"Since its launch earlier this year, TuneUp has taken the market of Ruby on Rails developers by storm" said Dean Cruse, vice president of marketing at FiveRuns. "BitRock's market-leadership in open source tools and services provides the perfect vehicle for further distribution of TuneUp and will enable developers to quickly and easily develop high performing Rails applications from the ground up."

"TuneUp is an excellent tool for Ruby on Rails developers", said Erica Brescia, CEO of BitRock. "It helps developers to quickly spot potential performance issues and bottlenecks before they put their software into production. Incorporating TuneUp into the BitNami RubyStack enables us to provide a freely available, complete Ruby on Rails development toolkit to BitNami users."

RubyStack is currently available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, with support for Solaris coming soon. It is free to download and use under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license and is available from

About BitRock

BitRock provides tools and services to help software companies build their businesses. Working with BitRock enables software vendors to deliver their software in easy to install packages and offer value-added services such as automated updates, monitoring and backup to their customers.

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions, as well as the leading commercial open source companies.

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About FiveRuns

FiveRuns provides an end-to-end ecosystem of tools around Ruby on Rails, including its flagship monitoring and management tool, FiveRuns Manage, its free application profiling tool, FiveRuns TuneUp, and several open source projects focused on Ruby on Rails performance and monitoring. Built on Ruby and Rails and delivered as hosted services, FiveRuns' products enable organizations to save money and reduce operational complexity by managing the entire Ruby on Rails application lifecycle from installation to production.

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