Peopleware and BitRock collaborate to simplify the installation of Osmius, a freely available tool for systems monitoring.

_Madrid, October 21st, 2008 – _When Peopleware, a company that provides consulting and systems administration, decided three years ago to design a product for monitoring business systems, it was clear that it had to be open source.

"Our product, Osmius, competes in the same arena with very large companies in the world of IT. For that, as well as sociological reasons, our business model based on open source gives us competitive advantages," said David Sanz, CEO of Peopleware.

Thanks to the collaboration with BitRock, Osmius offers an easy to use installer that enables end users to have a complete monitoring system for their network, servers and applications running in minutes. Erica Brescia, CEO of BitRock said "At BitRock, we know the value that open source brings, as well as the barriers to adopting it. The integration of Osmius with BitRock's installation technology offers a very attractive combination for businesses that want to implement a flexible and modern monitoring solution. Instead of the of days and even weeks that it can take to install a proprietary equivalent, an Osmius implementation can be completed in just hours, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the user."

From the beginning, Osmius was designed to be easy to understand and easy to integrate with existing applications, servers and processes. With the new BitRock installer, this ease of use is extended to include the installation and configuration process.

"BitRock's installer has helped us to reach more users by eliminating the need to install the software from source code - now anyone can install the software in just a few mouse clicks" said Jose Luis Marina, CIO of Peopleware. "The business of software is difficult and a few of the keys to success are: have a good product and believe in it, provide good documentation and make it easy enough for anyone to install. That's where our collaboration with BitRock enters the scene and we are truly satisfied with their work."

The new installers for Osmius are available on the Osmius page on SourceForge. The documentation for the installers and instructions for performing a manual installation from source code are available in the product section of the Wiki at

About Peopleware

Founded in 2000, Peopleware is a privately funded Spanish company headquartered in Madrid. Peopleware specializes in consulting for systems administration, operation and database design, based on the experience of its professionals in IT administration and systems monitoring.

The company's flagship product is Osmius, software for monitoring business systems, designed from the beginning to be used by everyone from systems administrators to business users. Osmius is free software released under the terms of the GPL v2. Peopleware's business is built on providing services to end users and partners around installation, configuration and support. More information is available at and

Peopleware has a unique style in dealing with its clients and personnel from different teams, based on trust. This permits Peopleware technicians to take responsibility for their own work and enjoy flexible hours, working from home and designing their own training plan, among other things. More information is available at

About BitRock

BitRock provides tools and services to help software companies build their businesses. Working with BitRock enables software vendors to deliver their software in easy to install packages and offer value-added services such as automated updates, monitoring and backup to their customers.

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions, as well as the leading commercial open source companies.

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