KnowledgeTreeDelivers Updates, Monitoring to Customers With the BitRock Network Service

KnowledgeTree has selected the BitRock Network Service to deliver additional value to users of KnowledgeTree Document Management Software.

San Francisco, CA. June 3, 2008 – – BitRock Inc., the leading provider of tools and services for deploying open source applications, announced today that KnowledgeTree has selected its new Network Service to enhance its subscription offerings. KnowledgeTree™ is Document Management Made Simple - it offers turnkey document management software that makes it easy for business people to get a complete, enterprise-grade solution up and running without significant IT resources. With the BitRock Network Service, maintaining a KnowledgeTree installation is now just as easy as setting it up.

BitRock and KnowledgeTree first partnered over two years ago to deliver a fast, clickable install process for KnowledgeTree on both Windows and Linux. The BitRock Network Service now makes it easy to keep KnowledgeTree installations up to date and running smoothly once the software is deployed.

KnowledgeTree's focus on ease of use and strong Microsoft Windows and Office integration toolset has made it a compelling, high-value document management solution for all organizations. Business users are able to securely manage their company's document creation and editing, versioning and sharing, all from a powerful Web interface and Windows Explorer tools.

"Partnering with BitRock makes it possible for us to offer value-added services, including updates and monitoring, to our subscription customers." said Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree. "The BitRock Network Service enabled us to bring our enhanced subscription offering to market faster and more cost- effectively than building the software in-house."

"KnowledgeTree makes document management accessible to companies of all sizes." said Erica Brescia, CEO of BitRock. "The enhanced subscription service enables companies to deploy and maintain KnowledgeTree without significant IT resources and at a lower cost than traditional document management systems."

The BitRock Network Service is now available to both open and closed-source software vendors. It enables companies to offer a subscription service for updates, monitoring and back up (coming soon) of their software without building out their own infrastructure. For more information on the BitRock Network Service, visit:

KnowledgeTree document management software can be downloaded from

About BitRock

BitRock provides tools and services to help software companies build their businesses. Working with BitRock enables software vendors to deliver their software in easy to install packages and offer value-added services such as automated updates, monitoring and backup to their customers.

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions, as well as the leading commercial open source companies.

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About KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree's vision is to make document management simple. With no vendor lock-in and with source code readily available, KnowledgeTree provides a more flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective alternative to proprietary document management applications.

The application's focus on ease of use and strong Microsoft Windows and Office integration toolset has made it a compelling, high-value document management solution for all organizations. The web-based and AJAX-enabled application is built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack and a community edition is released under the GPLv3. Commercial editions are available as single-click installers for Microsoft Windows and Linux, a software appliance and a novel Software-as-a-Service application running on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Commercial customers include the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, DHL Global Mail, Société Générale Group, the State of Georgia Department of Audits, the European Space Agency, GlaxoSmithKline, Cable & Wireless, Mazda Motor Europe and Decathlon Stores.

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