GroundWork Improves Community Product Testing And Insight With BitRock Network Service

Update Service and Data Exchange Helps Community and Provides Visibility

_SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 9, 2008 – _GroundWork Open Source, Inc. (, the leader in commercial open source systems and network management software, today announced findings from the pre-release version of GroundWork Monitor Community Edition 5.3 made available to the community on November 11, 2008. The latest version of GroundWork Monitor is the first to incorporate BitRock's Network Service update notification technology, which allows users to automatically receive notifications of patches, updates, and news, as well as voluntarily share GroundWork Monitor usage statistics.

"While raw download numbers have always been available for open source projects, quantifying how many downloads become active installations, and how they're being used, has always been challenging and imprecise," said Simon Bennett, Product Manager for GroundWork Open Source. "BitRock's Network Service enables us to create a two-way data exchange with our users, allowing us to notify them from within GroundWork Monitor of available updates and technical bulletins, and allowing them to share product usage data with us. It's a win-win that helps us better serve our users and provides valuable insight for product planning."

During installation, GroundWork Monitor users have the option of enabling the BitRock Network Service. Since its initial launch four weeks ago, the pre- release version of GroundWork Monitor Community Edition 5.3 has been downloaded approximately 1,000 times. Of these, about 15% have "phoned home" to the BitRock service, providing the following data:

–Top installation countries are the United States (35.2%), Germany (9.1%), Japan and Netherlands (tie: 4.9% each), and the United Kingdom and South Africa (tie: 4.2% each).

–Top installation countries are the United States (35.2%), Germany (9.1%), Japan and Netherlands (tie: 4.9% each), and the United Kingdom and South Africa (tie: 4.2% each).

–84.5% of the Linux distributions were 32 bit, while 15.4% of the installations were 64 bit.

"We're pleased that GroundWork has chosen BitRock Network Service for its entire range of monitoring solutions from the community to the enterprise," said Erica Brescia, BitRock's CEO. "BitRock Network Service further reduces the effort needed to maintain GroundWork Monitor and enhances its ease of use, lower costs, and greater flexibility relative to traditional network and systems management offerings."


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