BitRock InstallBuilder 5.0 Released, Simplifies Multiplatform Software Distribution

InstallBuilder makes packaging cross-platform applications faster and easier than ever before

San Francisco, CA. September 27, 2007 –. BitRock, the leading provider of multiplatform installation tools, announced today the release of BitRock InstallBuilder 5.0. The development tool turns packaging cross-platform applications into a fast and easy task for software developers. The latest release of InstallBuilder adds support for LZMA compression, faster startup speed and improved integration with Windows Vista, along with a number of other enhancements.

InstallBuilder has been built from the ground up with a focus on speed of development and ease of use. Unlike competing products, such as Macrovision.s InstallAnywhere, InstallBuilder is not Java-based. That means that installers do not require bundling a Java Runtime or a self-extraction step, and together with built-in LZMA compression, it provides for installers up to 50% smaller than the competition.

Crossplatform build support, together with a .human-friendly. XML project file format, reduces development time and simplifies integration with version control and automated build and testing systems. Developers can generate installers for every supported platform (including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX and most other flavors of Unix) from a single project file and build machine.

"We are highly pleased with BitRock InstallBuilder. The handling is intuitive and easy, including the more advanced features like the installing of additional project libraries in specific directories," said Joachim Buermann, president of IF Tools. "The best part: No need for several tools for different platforms. The Multiplatform CDROM Build makes it very simple to create all needed installation files for different platforms in one step."

"The previous product we used to install our Inovis TrustedLink Enterprise product didn't support Vista and required a costly upgrade to get that support," commented J. Matt Hills, a senior software engineer at Inovis. "Switching to BitRock provided that support and saved us money as well."

Earlier this year, BitRock also announced the release of a specialized version of the installation tool, InstallBuilder for Qt®. Developed in partnership with Trolltech, the company behind the Qt cross-platform development toolkit, InstallBuilder for Qt is the ideal tool for packaging Qt-based applications.

A free, fully-functional evaluation copy of BitRock InstallBuilder 5.0 and InstallBuilder for Qt 5.0 are available for download from

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