BitRock Open Source Stacks Surpass 500,000 Downloads

Successful partnerships with leading commercial open source companies have driven a large and growing number of BitRock Stacks downloads.

San Francisco, CA. May 21, 2007. BitRock, the premier provider of complete Open Source Application Deployment solutions, announced today that its open source Stacks have been downloaded over 500,000 times. BitRock Web Stacks and Custom Stacks have been developed for software vendors and IT departments looking for easy to install, dependency-free packages of open source and proprietary software.

BitRock Stacks combine precompiled, integrated, ready-to-run open source components with an easy-to-use installation tool, dramatically simplifying multiplatform deployment issues. BitRock Custom Stacks are packaged with an intuitive, multiplatform installer, which steps users through a fail-proof installation process. All necessary configuration steps, such as setting passwords and binding to the appropriate ports, are performed by the installer, so the user is 'up and running' with the software as soon as installation is complete.

BitRock's expertise in integrating open source software is recognized and utilized by the leading open source companies. The long list of customers includes open source leaders such as ActiveGrid, JasperSoft, KnowledgeTree, MySQL, Openbravo, Pentaho, SugarCRM and Zmanda. BitRock Stacks allow clients to ship software that runs out-of-the-box with little to no manual configuration required. Their flexible architecture also makes it easy to quickly add, update or remove software to meet changing requirements.

"These companies have chosen to ship BitRock Custom Stacks to accelerate time- to-market, reduce in-house development and support costs, and to provide their customers with easier access to their products, across multiple platforms." Says Erica Brescia, VP of Business Development for BitRock. BitRock's clients attest to this:

JasperSoft: "As the leading solution for open source Business Intelligence, JasperSoft supports a complex combination of operating systems, application servers, and databases; including Red Hat and Windows, JBoss and Websphere, and Oracle and MySQL. BitRock makes this support easy to manage. In addition, cost-effective consulting services from BitRock have provided us with turn-key installers for a variety of commercial and open source platforms." - Michael Moody, VP of Engineering

KnowledgeTree: "Custom Stacks help us provide KnowledgeTree in an easy to install and robust form, removing what is traditionally a significant implementation barrier for would-be users of commercial open source software. Since KnowledgeTree is now deployed on a known and certified Apache, MySQL and PHP stack, our support costs are significantly lower." - Daniel Chalef, Director, KnowledgeTree Business Unit

MySQL: "As the world's most popular open source database, MySQL has a diverse customer base that requires support for a wide range of operating systems and architectures. BitRock's expertise in packaging software to make it easy to install in virtually any environment made it the perfect fit for MySQL's requirements. Working with BitRock allows us to provide our users with a fast, easy installation process while at the same time reducing our support costs." - Rob Young, Senior Product Manager

BitRock offers several open source Web Stacks, such as LAMPStack (an easy to install stack including Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python for Linux) and MAMPStack (the same distribution for Mac OS X) under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. BitRock Web Stacks can be downloaded free of charge from

About BitRock

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA. BitRock's packaging, installation and update tools come together to provide a complete Open Source Application Deployment solution. BitRock's clients span the globe, and include Fortune 100 corporations, governments, educational institutions, and the leading open source companies.

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