BitRock Installers for SugarCRM Surpass 100,000 Downloads

The BitRock Installers for SugarCRM make it easy to get the leading open source CRM solution up and running in just minutes. Since being posted on SugarForge, the BitRock Installers for SugarCRM have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

San Francisco, USA - September 15th, 2006. BitRock, the leading provider of custom open source stacks, announced today that its custom installers for SugarCRM have been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times.

The BitRock Installers for SugarCRM make it fast and easy to deploy SugarCRM on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The installers include all software necessary to have a SugarCRM installation up and running in a matter of minutes.

The BitRock Installers for SugarCRM can be downloaded for free from

"The success of the BitRock Installers for SugarCRM is a great example of how offering a fast, simple installation process encourages people to download and evaluate a new piece of software." Said Erica Brescia, VP of Business Development for BitRock." SugarCRM is leading the way for open source application vendors, and we are proud to be working with them to further encourage adoption of SugarCRM."

The BitRock Installers for SugarCRM are a product of BitRock's Custom Stacks service. BitRock Custom Stacks are customized distributions of all of the open source components required by a piece of software, such as SugarCRM. The stacks are packaged with a user-friendly installer that automates the installation and configuration process, making for a great out-of-the-box experience. BitRock Custom Stacks ensure that end-users can quickly be up and running with new software, while reducing support requests and freeing development resources to focus on tasks other than deployment.

About BitRock

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA. Drawing from the professional experience of its employees, which spans Silicon Valley, Europe and Southeast Asia, BitRock develops multiplatform installation and management tools. BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions, as well as the leading commercial open source companies.

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