BitRock Releases InstallBuilder for Qt

InstallBuilder for Qt is an easy to use, multi-platform installation tool for packaging and deploying Qt-based applications.

San Francisco, CA. November 23, 2006. BitRock, the leading provider of easy to use installation tools, announced its partnership with Trolltech and its release of the first Qt®-based installation tool - BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt. BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt turns the packaging and deployment process for multi-platform applications into a simple and cost-effective task for independent software vendors and custom application developers.

Qt sets the standard for high performance, cross-platform software development and some of the world's largest software companies rely on Qt to create innovative, advanced solutions across multiple platforms. Now, with BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt, developers can easily generate installers that have a native look and feel on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other supported platforms.

"The installation process is the first contact a user has with a new piece of software," said Erica Brescia, VP of Business Development for BitRock. "BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt generates user-friendly installers that have the look and feel of the target operating system, so they blend seamlessly with the desktop environment to make a positive first impression."

The first release of BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt includes support for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Support for Solaris, FreeBSD, HP-UX, AIX, and IRIX will be added shortly. BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt combines robust functionality with a very easy to use interface that allows developers to use both GUI and command line interfaces to quickly develop native, self-contained installers that do not require bundling a Java runtime or a self-extraction step. The ability to build installers for all supported platforms from one project file allows for easy maintenance and updating of installers, so that developers can spend more time on their primary development tasks.

"BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt is an important addition to the ecosystem of 3rd party products available for Trolltech's community of Qt developers. This product will enable our customers to easily create install packages for their Qt-based applications," said Robert Green, Global Partner Manager, Developer Tools.

A free, fully-functional evaluation of BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt is available for download from

About BitRock

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA. Drawing from the professional experience of its employees, which spans Silicon Valley, Europe and Southeast Asia, BitRock develops multiplatform installation and management tools. BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions, as well as the leading commercial open source companies.

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