Alfresco and BitRock Enable Open Source ECM Stack Install in Minutes

Open Source ECM Stack Gets Simple Install and Upgrade to Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Jan. 23, 2006. Alfresco Software Inc., the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced that it has partnered with BitRock to enable Alfresco to be simply installed in minutes as part of an integrated open source stack, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for installation, upgrades and management.

The Open Source ecosystem provides inexpensive reusable components and brings with it a new world of software engineering - from using monolithic applications to combining and developing best-of-breed open source components. For end-users, BitRock stacks simplify and streamline open source infrastructure by providing a tested, integrated solution that ensures consistent deployments company-wide.

"As long-term users and contributors to open source, we believe that open source solutions are often more stable, more secure and perform better than proprietary counterparts," said Erica Brescia, vice president of business development for BitRock. "Our goal is to create custom open source stacks that deliver a complete package that works out-of-the-box. We believe the Alfresco open source ECM stack provides the lowest TCO in the industry."

The joint offering provides a user-friendly installer and configuration wizard for Alfresco and the surrounding open source ECM stack. It also provides a management and delivery tool for Alfresco to provide updates to its software, and to other stack components such as MySQL and JBoss. The stack supports a wide variety of Linux distributions and Windows versions. The new Alfresco installer will perform all required configuration tasks, so users will have a complete, ready-to-run ECM system as soon as installation is complete.

"IT departments are looking to open source at all levels of the stack to reduce total cost of ownership," said John Newton, chief technology officer, Alfresco. "This partnership allows customers to easily reduce costs using all or part of the open source ECM stack."

About Alfresco

Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. It is the first company to bring the power of open source to the enterprise content management market, enabling unprecedented scale and a much lower total cost of ownership than proprietary systems. Founded by a team of content management veterans that includes the co-founder of Documentum, John Newton and former COO of Business Objects, John Powell. Alfresco is based in London. For more information, visit

About BitRock

BitRock's mission is to make software easier to use and deploy with a focus on Linux and open source. As long time open source users and contributors, we believe that open source solutions are often more stable, more secure and perform better than their commercial counterparts. BitRock products combine leading open source projects with easy to use management tools and our extensive open source experience. The resulting solutions deliver a comprehensive foundation upon which corporations can build their open source infrastructure, while saving time and money on software acquisition, deployment, training and support. Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Sevilla, Spain and San Francisco, USA. For more information, visit