Bitrock SL Releases BitRock LAMPStack 1.0

BitRock LAMPStack 1.0 is an easy to install LAMP distribution that allows for quick, consistent deployments across a range of Linux environments.

September 1, 2005. Today, Bitrock Inc. announced the release of the first product in its line of packaged distributions: Bitrock LAMPStack. LAMPStack includes Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python in an integrated distribution. This saves users from the hassle of integrating, configuring, installing, and supporting their own build and provides a platform for rapid, consistent deployments for both businesses and individuals.

Bitrock LAMPStack 1.0 is now available for download at

Bitrock Stacks are prepackaged distributions of popular open source applications that are free for download and use for both commercial and non- commercial purposes under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. Fully- integrated and packaged with Bitrock InstallBuilder, Bitrock Stacks ensure ease of download and installation for the end-user. The goal of Bitrock Stacks is to encourage adoption of open source software by making it easier to use and deploy across a range of environments. Bitrock will be offering professional support for businesses and individuals who would like the peace of mind of customer support from the Bitrock experts. Bitrock also specializes in building and packaging customized distributions of open source tools and libraries.

About BitRock

Founded in 2003, BitRock Incorporated is a privately held software company with offices in Sevilla, Spain and San Francisco, USA. Drawing from the professional experience of its employees, which spans Silicon Valley, Europe and Southeast Asia, BitRock develops multiplatform installation and management tools. BitRock's clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions.

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