ApacheCon 2005

BitRock CTO to present at ApacheCon 2005.

ApacheCon Europe 2005, July 18th-22nd, Stuttgart

For the 5th consecutive year, BitRock CTO Daniel Lopez Ridruejo will be presenting at ApacheCon. The conference will be held July 18-22 in Stuttgart, Germany and will bring together Apache enthusiasts from around the globe.

This year, Daniel will be giving two presentations: "Developing with LAMP" and "Crossplatform ASP.NET with Mono." The LAMP tutorial will be a step by step guide on how to build a LAMP development environment and create LAMP-based applications. It will also introduce attendees to popular open source libraries and tools to aid development.

The "Crossplatform ASP.NET with Mono" presentation will introduce the mod_mono Apache module and the XSP web server. Those tools integrate the Apache Web server and the Mono project and allow running server-side .NET applications on a variety of platforms, including Linux and Windows.

Please visit ww.apachecon.com for additional information.